MPWR 2018 was held on Wednesday, February 21, the day before the RUME Conference at the Kona Kai Resort & Spa in beautiful San Diego, CA.


In an effort to explore models for how to become self-sustaining, MPWR 2018 was restricted to returning participants only. During the half-day seminar, we hosted a Mental Health Session led by Cameron Byerley, Angie Hodge, Linda Leckrone, Vilma Mesa, Hayley Milbourne and Stacy Musgrave. We further ran concurrent workshops in two sessions. The following workshops occurred in the first session:

- Equity and Social Justice in Research and Teaching with Shandy Hauk and Zareen Rahman

- Writing and Publishing with Annie Seldes, Jack Dewar and Kristen Lew

- Work/Life “Balance” with Anna Bergman, Sarah Hanusch and Rina Zazkis

In the second session, there were four groups by career stage:

- Graduate Student session facilitated by Krista Kay Bresock, Anne Cawley and Erica Miller

- Early Career session facilitated by Jess Ellis Hagman, Eileen Murray and Eryn Michelle Steer

- Post-Tenure, Mid-Career and Beyond session facilitated by Corinne Manogue, Deb Moore-Russo, Susan Nickerson and Megan Wawro

- Transitioning from Math to Math Ed Research session facilitated by Tara Davis, Susanna Molitoris-Miller and Claire Wladis