MPWR stands for Mentoring and Partnerships for Womxn in RUME (Research in Undergradaute Mathematics Education), and is pronounced "empower."

The MPWR Seminar is a one-day meeting held the day before the Conference for RUME and takes place in the same location. This seminar consists of: panel discussions led by womxn in the RUME community and beyond (such as in the broader mathematics education community and from other Discipline Based Education Research (DBER) communities), group discussions between the panelists and MPWR participants, and formal/informal networking opportunities between participants and speakers.

The 2019 MPWR Seminar will be the sixth such seminar. For more information about this year's seminar, please visit the "MPWR 2019" page. For more information about previous seminars, please visit the "Past MPWR" page. For application information on MPWR 2019, please visit the "Application" page. To learn about MPWR's Leadership team, please visit the "Leadership" page.